Hi everyone!

With spring just around the corner, we wanted to keep everyone updated on what's happening at Dojo.

Yesterday, March 14th was an eventful day for Japan and the rest of the world - who can resist pie on Pi Day? We hope you had tried of our pie selections, like the decadent mud pie, the crumbly apple pie or the light and tasty key lime pie. If you didn't have a chance to on Pi Day, we have them everyday as well! (Even better, get them a la mode vanilla or green tea ice cream.)

Speaking of sweet things, March 14th is White Valentine in Japan. Unlike the American tradition, Valentine's day in Japan is a day for girls and women to express their affection to men by giving them chocolate (handmade chocolate if the person in question is extra special). In turn, men will wait a month, until March 14th to give back the gift. It is called White Day because Japanese confectionary companies started to market marshmallows and white chocolate to men as a gift. Immensely popular among high school and college students to confess to their crushes, and among adults to express their love or even social obligation, White Day is a nice addition to Valentine's Day in Japan.

Last of all, we wanted to touch upon a more somber subject: this March marks 4 years since the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami in Japan, which took almost 15,000 deaths and many injured and missing peoples. Since then, the Japanese people and people of the world have joined in efforts to recover from the tragedy, and though things may not be the same as before, Japan is well on its way to rebuilding people's lives. Supporting Japanese businesses and products and promoting Japanese culture is how we have chosen to give a helping hand!

That's all for today - enjoy the weather and we will be back with updates on our spring activities!

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