Hi everyone! Here at Dojo we like to display artwork and support local artists. One artist currently on display is Austin Phelps, also a member of the Dojo team.

Phelps, based in New York, is from Roanoke Virginia. He is passionate about a career in the arts and delves into photography as well. He got his start growing up, “In middle school I switched from music to art. Then I asked friends if I could take photos of them and dress them weird,” Said Phelps.

His start in art may have come from his childhood, but the style of the art he creates comes from everyday objects and street styles, “I Dress people up with objects. I’m still trying to figure out and I learn as I go. I go to  Brooklyn, Crown Heights for inspiration. There’s crazy clothes and people there.”

The current pieces on display at Dojo are different than what he normally makes in that it doesn’t combine photography and painting, “I made them in the winter when I was extremely depressed. I made it my New Year’s resolution to get in a show. I wanted to put color on then faces at the end; color blocking.”

Showing at Dojo is only the second place he has shown his artwork, although his photography can be seen in many other places such as online due to past experiences like when he shot during Fashion Week for Donna Karen in the winter/fall of 2014, and when one of his pictures was used by H&M for an in-store campaign.

Austin Phelp’s artwork at Dojo is currently for sale, and you can view his photography on his website austinphelpsphotography.com and keep up to date with him.

As far as what’s to come next, Phelps said, “I’m very open, what you see is what you get.”

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