Dojo's Asian/Vegetarian approach to food certainly had many NYC restaurants follow suit since Dojo's birth in 1973. The Dojo Dressing's popularity - some call it the Carrot Tahini, others call it the Carrot Ginger (the recipe will always be kept secret) - led to imitation dressings all over the city. You can bet that the original and best dressing can only be found here, though! 

A favorite of Dojo customers continues to be the Soy Burger which was introduced in 1974. The Tofu Hijiki Burger, another '74 creation, is a Dojo staple to this day, as well. You can bet that the Dojo Dressing comes with both these dishes. After undergoing recent renovations a couple of months ago, Dojo has currently added more Japanese food options and constructed a ramen shop within the restaurant!